SURPLUS 50 2020 Felt

SURPLUS 50 2020 Felt

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What if we told you that you could finish riding your favorite trail faster than ever before? And that you could ride farther and cover more terrain in a given amount of time? And that you could climb faster than you ever thought possible? Sounds like a pipe dream. But, guess what? It’s not. Meet the Surplus. It’s everything you want in a mountain bike, and more.


You want to experience the classic ride of a hardtail mountain bike, plus the added range and speed that a modern electric-assist motor can offer.


You’re looking for a full-suspension e-mountain bike for tackling gnarlier terrain. We’ve got you covered with the Redemption | 30 and the Redemption | 50 models.


  • Shimano E7000 drive system for electric-assist pedaling power
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum frame
  • Shimano shifting and braking components, and a RockShox fork


  • Hardtail design for lighter weight and a classic riding experience

If you’ve never experienced the thrill, exhilaration, and unbridled joy of an electric-assist mountain bike, then you’re in for a treat. In fact, we’re jealous of you for getting the chance to experience one for the first time. From the very first pedal stroke, you’ll have a grin from ear-to-ear, and you’ll probably let loose an Ohhh yeeeaaah! scream, too. Yes, it is that much fun. And make no mistake, this is a bicycle, which means you have to pedal—there’s no throttle like you’d find on a motorcycle. The motor only gives back what your legs put out. Now, of course, anyone can slap an electric motor onto a bicycle and call it a day—but that will simply ruin the bike’s handling and control. We built the Surplus | 50 from the ground-up, around the latest electric motor from Shimano, and with all of the performance and handling of the best-riding hardtails out there.

The Surplus | 50 is powered by an E7000 drive system from Shimano, the most accomplished and respected bicycle component maker in the world. The E7000 system is a dedicated off-riding riding platform, which means it was made specifically for the demands of mountain biking. These include a rugged and durable design for a long life of use and abuse on rugged trails, as well as a lightweight and minimal construction that keeps the bike’s center of gravity as low as possible. This makes the Surplus handle as well as the very best aluminum hardtail bikes that don’t feature an electric-assist motor. The E7000 system sports 250 watts of available power, with a top speed of 20mph. To power the drive system, the Surplus | 50 comes with a Shimano E8020 battery with 500Wh for quick charging capabilities and enough range for all-day, epic rides, as well as multi-day bikepacking trips. It’s sleek, integrated design adds to the bike’s clean aesthetics. Four available settings let you customize the amount of power you want, and it’s easy to switch instantly at the press of a button at your fingertips.