BREED 20 2020 Felt

BREED 20 2020 Felt

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We are at the dawn of a new era in riding bikes, one where fun is the journey, freedom is the destination, and adventure is no longer limited by equipment, but rather by one’s sense of adventure. With the riding position, pedaling performance, and handling panache of your most cherished road racing bike, along with the capability to utilize two different wheel sizes and clearance for massive tire sizes, our latest gravel bike is your ticket to wherever the road takes you, no matter what kind of road it is. Welcome to the new Breed of cycling.


You’re looking for a do-it-all, drop-bar bike that is at home on any type of road, be it paved, gravel, or otherwise.


You want the latest and greatest in drivetrain tech in the form of Shimano’s GRX groupset. In which case, the Breed | 30 model should be right up your alley. Or, if you want less aggressive geometry for a more upright riding position, check out the Broam adventure road bike line.


  • Dual-wheel compatibility (650b and 700c)
  • Massive tire clearance for all road and trail surface types
  • Sleek storage solutions, and rack- and fender-ready


  • SRAM Force Cx1 drivetrain
  • Praxis Works Zayante Carbon-S crankset

Humans having been riding their drop bar-equipped bicycles on gravel and dirt roads since long before the first paved roads appeared following the Industrial Revolution. Since then, it’s long been a way of life for countless cyclists in various parts of the world. But due in large part to the proliferation of road races like the Tour de France moving towards pavement-based competition throughout the 20th century, many cyclists kept their skinny-tired bikes on asphalt while saving their flat bars and knobby rubber for the dirt. Today, with the rise of events like the Dirty Kanza 200 and a renewed interest from the latest generation of cyclists to push beyond their comfort levels and seek out unheralded places to pedal, the latest crop of “gravel bikes” are here. So what makes a great gravel bike? For starters, it needs to be durable in order to handle the rougher terrain and riding surfaces you’ll encounter. Likewise, it needs impeccable handling and stability. And finally, it needs versatility, in order to give its rider the ability to not only seek out new roads, but conquer their climbs, revel in their isolation from the daily grind, and explore every last mile from sunrise to sunset.

The Breed | 20 frame is constructed from our SuperLite aluminum, which isn’t just a silly moniker—this frame truly is amongst the lightest on the market compared with comparable aluminum frames. More importantly, however, our engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that the Breed | 20 frame is both incredibly durable with precision welding and construction, as well as comfortable enough to mitigate vibrations for all-day riding comfort. The Breed | 20 frame is paired with a carbon fiber fork crafted from our UHC (Ultra Hybrid Carbon) Advanced carbon fiber. It’s high-modulus, meaning that it’s incredibly stiff to maximize rolling efficiency and handling feedback. But the fork’s layup has been finely tuned to create the ideal contact with the road surface for both stable, responsive handling, and a precise level of compliance to ensure maximum front-end traction and comfort over the rough stuff.

The Breed | 20 frame is built around a T47 bottom bracket, a standard that features the easy maintenance and creak-free experience of an old-school, tried-and-true, threaded bottom bracket, with the wide platform and superior pedaling dynamics of a more modern solution. When it comes to versatility, the Breed | 20 has it in spades. The frameset was designed to work flawlessly with two different wheel sizes: the traditional 700c wheels found on most regular road bikes, and the slightly smaller 650b wheel size prized by mountain bikers looking for that magic combination of incredible traction and agile steering. In order to produce the best riding experience possible on any surface, the Breed | 20 can accept up to a 45mm-wide tire on 700c wheels, or up to 2.0-inch tires on 650b wheels. A top tube-mounted storage solution with standard water bottle bolt spacing gives riders a spot to secure additional nutrition, tools, or any other accessories needed to tackle a long day in the saddle. The Breed | 20 is also capable of accepting racks and fenders, making it a delightful companion for wet weather riding and commuting. And because we all know hydration is key, all Breed bikes that are size 51cm and bigger feature three water bottle mounting locations inside the front triangle.

We partnered with several fantastic component brands to offer two complete bikes in the Breed lineup. Along with the Breed | 30 model that features Shimano’s brand-new GRX groupset, we’re proud to showcase this particular bike, the Breed | 20. It’s highlighted by SRAM Force Cx1 shifters and hydraulic disc brakes, along with an 11-speed, long-cage rear derailleur. They’re combined with a SRAM 11-42 cassette, and a Praxis Zayante Carbon-S crankset with a 40-tooth chainring, making for a climbing gear ratio better than the fabled 1:1 prized by the sport’s most dedicated ascenders. The cockpit components come from our in-house brand Devox, with a carbon seatpost and all-new Gravel SL handlebar being of particular note. The newly redesigned bar features an oh-so-subtle flare at the drop section for providing an additional level of handling control. Both Breed models roll on Devox GR2.1 wheels in size 650b, with 47mm-wide Vittoria Terreno Dry tubeless-ready tires. They have a minimal file tread-style pattern along the center sections for speed on the flats, along with moderately aggressive shoulder knobs for cornering grip.

In our current age of hyper-focused bikes designed for singular purposes, it takes a truly special kind of bike to perform across a variety of conditions. With modern endurance road geometry that allows for both a comfortable and powerful riding position, stable yet agile handling, and the freedom to run nearly any type of tire for which your favorite road, trail, or gravel path demands, the Breed is that truly special bike. Get ready to embrace a whole new connection with the earth, because you’ll never be the same again.